Synchpipe Deluxe Question

I have a Synchpipe Deluxe, and I wish to use it to up to 4APs or more, but I don’t have a SynchInjector.

I believe it can support 2 APs using Timing Port Synch, but I plan to put it into 4APs with Power Port Synch and I want to plug the Synchpipe directly to the switch.

My problem is how can I power up the Synchpipe Deluxe. Do you use a Canopy 24V POE to power it directly to a switch? Please give some ideas and enlighten me.

If I am understanding you correctly, you want to use power port based GPS sync?

With the syncpipe deluxe, the only way I think you can do that would be with the syncinjector. The syncinjector actually comes with a port for the syncpipe to plug into then propagates the sync through the power port for your connected devices.

If you are just looking to sync 4 APs with one deluxe and you can use the timing port, just pick up a syncsplitter and connect that to your syncpipe, then run the timing cables to your APs from that.

Supposed I have this, it says it has 7ports. … ducts_id=2

How can I connect the Synch Splitter to the Synch Pipe??

I haven’t used a syncpipe deluxe in a long time, but from what I remember there were two ports in the interior. One port was an RJ45 8 pin which was used to deliver power to the syncpipe (this same cable could be connected to a syncinjector to provide power and sync to the injector). The other port is a standard RJ11 6 pin jack like on the interior of the Canopy unit.

Normally you would run a timing cable (pins 1, 3 and 6 I believe) between your deluxe and Canopy unit. In this case, you should be able to just run that timing cable to the syncsplitter and from there you’d run timing cables to up to 6 other devices to the timing ports on each one of them.

The guys over at Packetflux are good so if you run into any snags or need any help just shoot them an email. I believe the last I heard they were starting to get caught back up again. Forrest also checks these forums from time to time, so I am assuming he can chime in and answer/correct anything I’ve posted.

The Deluxe got 2ports of 6pin.

So, there is no chance that I can power up the SyncPipe directly and do a Power Synch?

Not directly, no.

Okay, I think meantime it can synch 2 gears, right?

I just ordered Synch Splitters.

Yes, you should be able to sync two units with the deluxe until your splitters arrive.