I’m installing the first site and can’t seem to get the AP’s to acccept sync from the GPS. The GPS is installed, receiveing 8-9 satellites and shows sync.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but I’d appreciate any suggestions?



Is this using a CMM?

How are you passing sync to the SMs?

If it’s a CMM, set the AP to "Timing Port"

If it’s a CMMmicro, set the AP to “Power Port”

Jerry Richardson wrote:
If it's a CMM, set the AP to "Timing Port"

If it's a CMMmicro, set the AP to "Power Port"

I'm afraid mine may not be configured right. If it is configured properly, should I be able to see the GPS information on the "GPS Status" screen?

I have a CMM Micro, and on my 6 APs each are set to "Power Port" in their configuration for Sync.

I just wanted to verify that it SHOULD be set to "Timing Port" if in fact I'm using a CMM Micro.

What was the major difference between the Micro and CMM? Built in switch?



Answered here: ... =cmm+micro

Thanks again.

GPS info is not present on the AP GPS Status page. AP’s will only display "Receiving Sync"

CMM is an unmanaged switch and GPS is sent on separate cable via RJ11.