Synchronous or Asynchronous on PTP3/5/600 and BH10/20

What ratio do you set on your backhaul links? Do you leave it at the default 50%/50% or so you change it to 2:1 or 3:1 whichever is allowed by the software revision?

I am looking at upgrading a 2.3 mile LOS link with either a 24GHz unlicensed microwave or a PTP600. But in order to get the throughput needed with the PTP600, I would need to use the 2:1 setting.

If I use the PTP600 at 2:1, do I need to set my other PTP300s and PTP500s to be asynchronous as well? What about BH10s or BH20s?

Thanks in advance for any info.

I don’t use any Moto backhauls (Redline shop here), but wouldn’t it make sense to set it to the same ratio as your subscribers?

Depends on your network and traffic flow.

If you are primarily residential, 2:1 on the PTP600 makes sense, and then maybe 66% on your small backhauls makes sense.