Syncing a stand alone AP & cluster

Here’s the situation: We have a stand alone AP in production servicing 2 SMs. 1000 ft away, we have a 6 AP cluster that we’re getting ready to boot up. Now, we know that to avoid interference, we’ll need to synchronize the stand alone AP with the Cluster. To do that we’ll use an SM (registered to the cluster) to provide sync to the stand alone AP. So here’s my questions:

1. What is the max distance for passing sync from the SM to the AP? Motorola tech support claims that there is no specified distance, however, the 150 ft (that I mentioned) was too far. What’s the furthest you all have sync’d an SM and a stand alone AP?

2.How do you know that the SM is giving sync to the AP? Is there a way to test the sync with out disrupting the AP that’s in production?

We have one it is roughly 6 miles, In the Ap config check Sync to Received Signal (Timing Port) If it doesn’t sync the Ap will let you know. Ours has been working good for over a year.

We have one it is roughly 6 miles

Sorry, I should have been more specific. By "furthest" I meant the length of the RJ11 cable linking the SM to the AP.

If it doesn't sync the Ap will let you know

I guess you mean it will not work properly, or not work at all? There's no way to "test" sync? I couldn't find a specific place to test it, but I thought there might be some place I'm missing.

No sure why the Moto tech support person told you 150’ is too far. GPS can go up to 100m over shielded Cat 5 just like the Ethernet and POE.

If you wanted to confirm the GPS is being passed from the SM to the AP you could test it with another AP with it’s freq set to none, and timing set to receive on timing port. If it’s working you will see receiving sync.

As long as you keep the pinning correct and you have a good crimp it should work.