syncing pmp 100 series 2.4 and 2.4 epmp on the same tower

has anyone successfully timed out both the pmp 100 and the epmp on the same tower? for our transition I was hoping to change our pmp 100 to a single Omni at 2415 with gps enabled, and use 2435 and 2457 for the epmp abab reuse… I know the pmp100 will be very overloaded while we change the subs over, but can any combination of settings be used on the pmp100s wireless frame to sync to the epmp to help smooth the change over?

PMP 100 and ePMP cannot sync at this time. They use different frame sizes and hence will not be able to align their Tx and Rx. We are looking into implementing changes in the future to allow sync between the two products but this has not been scheduled for a release, yet.