Syncronization of clusters

I have questions about a network with two clusters.

Cluster 1 [CMM + GPS] - [BHM] ---------- [BHS] - Cluster 2 [CMMmicro]

Do I need a GPS antenna at the Cluster 2 or it is possible to pass sync from BHS to MCCmicro?

If the second GPS antenna is not necessary how many times the sync pulse can be transmitted from a cluster to cluster without a degradation of network quality? I.e. how many hops may the sync be passed over?
[CMM + GPS] - [BHM] ------ [BHS] - [CMMmicro] - [BHM] ------- [BHS] - [CMMmicro] - [BHM] - …

Can I make VLAN including SM’s in different clusters?

What all do you have at the cluster two?

We plan to have 5 AP’s at the cluster two.

It may have just been my inexperiance, I couldn’t get my system to work correctly until I put all of my master backhauls on the same tower.

Can you say how to pass sync from BH to CMMmicro. Is there a special input? The documentation says nothing about it.

yeah there is a spare RJ 12 port (i think) in the CMM and you can set one to slave and one to master as i understand it… This will propergate the sync from the MASTER to the slave.