syslog Local Log Nearly Full

I got this email from a PTP650 (fw 50650-01-42) :

subject: syslog Local Log Nearly Full (90%)

This is an automatically generated message from the Cambium PTP 50650 wireless system at – elapsed system time 00:01:06

Should I worry?

How can I clear syslog?

Thank You


Hi Francesco,

Thanks for the question.

There is nothing that you need to do here. The local storage for syslog messages is organised in two banks of flash memory. When both banks are full, the older bank is erased to make room for the latest messages. This happens automatically. The email is warning that this is likely to happen soon. A futher message is sent when the bank swap occurs. The effect that you will observe on the ODU when the swap occurs is that the oldest messages will disappear, leaving only the most recent messages.

Local syslogs are useful to investigate a problem that has recently occured, but if syslogs are important in your network, you should also configure a syslog collector in a server for long-term storagage.

If you don't want to receive messages for these events, you can configure this in the Diagnostic Alarms page of the web-based interface.

Best regards, Mark

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