System Release 01-47 is now available for PTP 650 and PTP 670

System Releases PTP 650-01-47 and PTP 670-01-47 are now available for download from and

PTP 670-01-47 provides the same features and performance as PTP 650-01-47, but executes on the PTP 670 hardware platform. Use a PTP 670 with 670-01-47 to create a link with a legacy PTP 650 unit.

Release Notes provide further details, but the brief summary is that there are two new features.

Feature: Device agent for cnMaestro

The big news is that PTP 650 or PTP 670 can now be managed from the cnMaestro server, supporting both cloud and on-premises versions. The PTP 650 User Guide explains how to configure PTP 650 or PTP 670 for connection to the server, and shows how to check the status of the connection.

PTP 650/670 is supported in cnMaestro from version 2.1.0-r3.

Feature: Support for RMON objects in the SNMP MIB

System Release 650-01-47 includes additional objects in the proprietary SNMP MIB for performance management of the Ethernet interfaces. The objects provide a small sub-set of the standard Remote Monitoring (RMON) MIB.

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