System Release 13.2 Now Available !

It's Here!

We have just released 13.2 officially.  Download it HERE.

This release is a big one bringing many performance enhancing features to the table.. an excerpt from our press release:


PMP 450 software release 13.2 continues to improve the platform with the following capabilities: 

  • Improved packets per second performance
  • Added MIMO-A modulations for improved RF coverage
  • Progressive rate adapt for improved system performance
  • VLAN Priority Configuration Setting
  • IPv6 Filtering and Prioritization
  • GLONASS Support

PLEASE  PLEASE read the release notes for this one:  They can be found  here: 13.2 Release Notes

And feel free to discuss it in this thread.


We gave noticed that SM update to 13.2 from various late beta builds without first updating the AP has resulted in SM radios reregistering at 2 minute intervals. Update of the AP to 13.2 seems to take care of it.

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I have read the release notes, but there's no mention/documentation of a new option which appeared at the bottom of the Configuration -> Radio tab: "PMP 430 Interop Mode". For those of us operating with a mix of PMP430 and PMP450 SMs on certain APs, what are the benefits and drawbacks for each mode?

This is indeed a known issue and highlighted in the release notes. Most deployments will not see this, but we recommend upgrading the SMs before upgrading the AP.

We believe this happens because of the interaction between the 13.1.x MRC algoithm on the SM and the introduction of MIMO-A in 13.2. Since the MRC was enhanced in 13.2, you don;t see the issue when both AP and SM are on 13.2.


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While  upgrading your SMs to 13.2 first, there might be SM re-registrations.  These will go away once all the other SMs are on 13.2 and then you upgrade you AP to 13.2.

Good Catch.  Let me  get more data on these two AP setting for you.  I will also get the Release Notes and User Guide updated with this information.


In most cases you will want to use the default value of "MIMO-A" to take advantage of the Downlink VC being transmitted on both channels.

If by chance your APs cables are swapped, the setting of "MIMO-A" also fixes this automatically.

In rare cases you might have some PMP430 at the edge of your network and would benefit from a 3dB boost.

By setting the AP to "SISO", all of the 430 SMs in your network would get a 3dB boost on the 16QAM and QPSK MCS states.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. I will add a blurb about this to the Release notes.

Thank you for also being a Cambium Networks Customer, you are the life blood of our business.


Cambium Jonathan

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13.2 Users,


There is an issue with the following SNMP OID to set the frequency list on an SM.



For Example:

snmpset -v 2c -c "Canopy" . s "548000"


If this OID is used to set aa frequency on an SM, it will cause the SM to crash.  After the SM reboots, the list of frequencies listed the SNMP set will not be set on the SM.


We have carefully reviewed the code, and this is the only OID effected.


This issue is being tracked under Issue Number "CPY-10392" and is slated to 13.3 for repair.


We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.




The Cambium Team

Both the SM and AP were using beta build 22 before the SM was upgraded to 13.2 final. The SM remained unregistered until I saw it the next morning. I upgraded the AP to 13.2 final and the SM registered as it should have and has remained that way with a -61 signal. That was the only customer on that sector. We then discovered the same thing had happened to many other subscribers on 3.65 and 5 GHz as well. Upgrade of the AP and the SM reconnects properly. Last time I will hit upgrade of the SM list in CNUT and go to sleep thinking it will all be OK.

Hi Allen

Beta build 22 was quite old, but any beta build in general should be treated as if it is the previous released version when doing the upgrade.   The release notes and forum recommended an SM first upgrade, and if SMs don't come back, they will once the AP is upgraded.   Please see the release notes for more information.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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We have found 3 other OIDs that have the same behavior when SET.

So the complete list of OIDs affected by this bug where an SNMP SET will cause the SM to reboot are:       rfScanList                DisplayString      pppoeAccessConcentrator   DisplayString      pppoeServiceName          DisplayString      pppoeUserName             DisplayString

If you pre-stage devices, we recommend setting these prior to upgrading the unit to 13.2 prior to deployment.  if you need to configure them in the field, you will need to use the GUI interface.

We have a fix undergoing test now and will communicate more as it is availble.


testing 13.2

before on 13.1.2 i was getting 26mbps down and 17 mbps up. -62dbm 6x

after upgrade to 13.2 i am getting 36mbps down and 20mbps up. (real link test)

radio link test(RF) is  59/25 down/up.

pps improvement.

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When we going to get 3.5 MHz and 7 MHz channel size at PMP 450 3.5 GHz radio?

Juan - That's great news... awesome improvement.

Monir - We are working quite hard on getting R13.3 done before the end of the year... with it will come 7 MHz channels (in addition to 5, 10 and 20 MHz) for the 3 GHz PMP 450.  Stay tuned to this forum for announcement of the open Beta release, which should be in a couple of weeks.

Great job Cambium!

We upgraded our entire 450 deployment to 13.2 over the weekend.  We had some high noisefloor sites where typcially  a SM could not get a link cap test more than 20Mbps down.  With this newest build we are seeing 60+Mbps on the link cap.  Absolutely incredible.

Same holds true with low noisefloor areas... I would say at least a 40% inmprovement in capacity.  Let it be known that we were operating with 12.x.x software before.


Awesome Silowireless!

Keep the stories coming.

Just wanted to point out that the Beta for R13.3 is now available.  Check it out Over Here.

After a bit of a test I've rolled out 13.2 across the entire deployment too, ~160 SMs maybe a dozen APs. Two weeks on some gear, three on others, so far so good! The MIMO-A modes have made tremendous improvements in near-LOS situations, we don't see QPSK anymore! We were kinda hoping that 256QAM MIMO-A would be displayed as 7X but like I explained to the techs that display doesn't really matter anyway ;)

Really liking this software!