System Release 13.3 Now Available!

We have just released 13.3 officially.  Download it HERE.

This release brings many new features, and I am listing some of the most important (some of them LONG asked for):

  • Throughput Optimization mode (5 ms frame size) 
  • 7MHz Channel Bandwidth for 3.5 and 3.65 radios
  • Import/Export of Configuration Files
  • Zero Touch Configuration
  • SNMPv3, HTTPS, Ability to disable Telnet, FTP and TFTP
  • Read-Only Accounts for Admin, Install, and Tech
  • Sector Spectrum Analyzer
  • Export of Sessions Status Page

As usual, please read the Release notes:  They can be found  here: 13.3 Release Notes

Please discuss experiences and ask questions in this thread.


I tried it successfully on two PMP450 AP.

but on a PMP430AP and a PMP400AP, I lost ethernet link in both case after the upgrade.
these are remote sites,  so I'll have to drive there to see what happens.

no luck.


I tried on an AP in my office, same result. the lights on the AP are off after the reboot. I think it's totally dead.

What can I do ??

Lemaitre - R13.3 is NOT supported on PMP 400 equipment.  This release is for PTP 230, PTP 450, PMP 430 and PMP 450 only.


Is it safe to say that implementation of the new 5 ms frame size will need to be standardized across all "radio visible" towers?  Currently, synch requires downlink percentage, distance, and number of control slots to be configured identically.  Since these parameters affect the transmit/receive duration for each frame, doubling the frame size on a single AP seems like it would introduce interference.  Just want to check here to be sure this thought process is valid.


That is correct. Mixing 2.5ms and 5ms across APs on a tower or nearby towers in a frequency reuse situation will cause self interference. It is best to switch all the APs to 5ms if that is the frame size you prefer to operate on. 




CNUT makes no difference between 400 and 430 APs. As these are remote units, and my network a mix of 400 and 430 units, I can't know which one is what. If it is not intended for 400 APs, CNUT should just forbid the upgrade. 

How can I have my units back up now ?

The current release of Wireless Manager only supports up to 13.2.

Will 13.3 ( or even 13.2.1 ) be supported by WM, and if so, when ?

For what it's worth we just upgraded our sites to 13.3 and we are impressed with the new features. We do see however that with the 5ms frame some SM radios take a very long time to register to the AP, others register right away and there have been a few that don't come back unless we go back to 2.5ms. All SM and AP radios are updated to 13.3.

We're using 4.2.5, and 13.3 radios are showing up just fine and appear to be graphing properly.

Thanks for the input on WM. I guess in the years dealing with different IT vendors, I have found " does it work " many times is a different issue than " is it supported "

Has there been any hard numbers on how much of an improvement in throughput 5 MS vs 2.5 MS provides in PMP450?

I see the following on the download page for firmware.

13.2.1 is the latest recommended software release for PMP 450.  If you are in an ETSI region, which requires Listen Before Talk (LBT), you must use 13.3.  We suggest all other regions, outside ETSI, to use 13.2.1.

Can you elaborate on this?

Indeed.  I'm expecting PMP450 gear in my hands this afternoon, to be co-located with PMP320 on a busy site.

As I understand it, 13.3 is currently the ONLY release that supports the 5ms frame, right?

I think it's kinda important to know why you're waving people off the 13.3 release, given that some of us require it.  (ETSI or colo320)


The reason is that there are some open issues with R13.3 that will be corrected on the next software release.  These issues can be seen in the R13.3 Release Notes under the section titled "Open Issues"... to summarize, here is a quick list (but I encourage you to read the entire release notes, which are available on the support site):

- PMP430 SM is updated with PMP 450 package only if this is the first package in the list of packages in CNUT.
- When 3.65GHz APs are deployed in an ABAB configuration, then if an AP is rebooted, it may trigger an LBT event once due to interference from the back sector. But once the AP has initialized and is synced with the back AP (and adjacent sectors), it will operate normally.
- SNMP Table whispBoxBridgeTable cannot report more than 255 mac addresses from the bridge table. Work around is to view the mac addresses on the GUI (Statistics, Bridging Table) which will report more than 255 mac addresses.

- Customers using Sync Injectors may see timing issues when the AP tries to use the iGPS as a sync source. Please contact Cambium Customer Support if you are having problems in the area.
- PMP or PTP 450 may have "XO trim at min diff" in event log. Contact Cambium Customer support if this is occurring repeatedly.

- Web page access using HTTPS over time when radio is at full capacity could cause a reboot
- Slow response of web management interface when accessing the radio via HTTPS
- PMP 450 AP reports DES encryption on homepage when the encryption is set to None on security page
- Some Tables are missing in the SNMPv3 Statistics Page. Some of the SNMPv3 Data is present, but it is not listed in Table Form.

- AP sync status page shows date as 00/00/0000 when getting sync from on board GPS. Please use NTP on your APs for Data and Time information.
- PMP 450 SM with Public IP Gets an IP from DHCP Server Above AP when Registered with ICC
- Engine ID does not Follow Requirements for 13.3. The Engine ID cannot be entered in odd size.

- PTP 450 5GHz radio will not link if 5.4GHz band is selected on Master and both 5.4/5.7 bands are selected for scan on Slave side
- Setting the "allipv4Filter" before the "allipv6Filter" causes the "allipv4Filter” to be unselected.
- shows reboot required after uploading a config even though there is no parameter change

- The alignment tone is not working.
- SNMPv3 write does not work unless SNMPv2 write is Enabled.
- The error is reported after uploading configuration file even though there is no change in configuration of the radio
- The DFS status tab does not display SMs in list which are set to “None” or “Other,Other” under Regional Setting tab of General page. To see the DFS tab, Set the SM to the region that AP is set
- The control messages and MIMO rate adapt algorithm does not restore the previous values after clicking “Undo Saved Changes”
- For ETSI 5.4/5.7 bands in 10 MHz channels, if the SM Receive Target Level (RTL) on the AP is set to -61 or higher, the AP detects false radar causing a DFS event. The workaround is to keep the SM RTL to -62 or lower.

Yup ^^ Read the release notes newkirk, sheesh!!!

Very excited about 13.3 but I'll definitely wait for 13.3.1, or whatever it'll end up being!

Since we switched to RADIUS AAA for auth and replacing the BAM functions it's been interesting. Our techs do well for the most part but occasionally some SNMP stuff or the EAP password will get messed up. Passwords are obvious, but it does get old having to fix all these little SNMP misconfigurations when trying to do upgrades...

Config file support will make all of these issues disappear for us.

Are there any plants to port the config file and sector-wide spectrum features over to PMP-100?

I asked for an elaboration on the recommendation to run 13.2.1 after noticing that under 13.3 two lightly loaded PMP 450 AP's had random reboot issues with no errors logged.

Two in particular rebooted several times during a 12 hour period. Under 13.2.1 there were no reboots  and  no reboots since they were downgraded from 13.3 to 13.2.1.

Since the only comment in the known issues was related to HTTPS and no HTTPS access was being used I thought that perhaps you folks had discovered something like it or related to it.

Also noticed when testing 5ms that several SM's failed to re-register. They immediately re-registered when changed back to 2.5ms.

If it hasn't been mentioned. When restoring a configuration containing DES encryption the unit changed encryption to AES. We have not tried a config with AES to see if it changes to DES.

From what I can see darn near 100% incease in bandwidth!

This 450 system really kicks ***!

does the 13.3 fimware allow us to sync with all wimax products or just pmp 320.  we are currently running about 1/2 pmp450 3.65 products  and 1/2 purwave wimax basestations also on 3.65.  sprectrum is limited.