System Release 13.3 Now Available!

i tried it today, the pmp is configured to use AES encryption, after restoring the configuration:

- the PMP claims about "Configuration file "0a003e405673.cfg",  triggered from Web GUI, failed to import. "

- the Wireless Encryption changes from AES to DES

- it also would be nice to be able to restore any configuration (ignoring the naming of the file), i tried to restore the backup (which i exported before from the SAME unit) which has the name "test.cfg", result: "02/19/2015 : 15:08:00 UTC : Configuration file "test.cfg",  triggered from Web GUI, failed to import. "

but even with the error message "failed to import" (from point #1 of list above) the settings from the PMP are overwritten, i can see my values from the config within all ares (SNMP, ...).



13.3 caused massive issues with our network. We had to revert back to 13.2/13.2.1