System Release 15.1 issues update

This is an update on new issues on System Release 15.1 that customers have reported. We hope this helps other customers become aware before upgrading to 15.1. We are targeting to have fixes available for all issues listed below in the next System Release 15.1.1.

  1. IP Access Filtering and Ethernet Access Filtering: (CPY-13622)

This issue was first reported on Cambium Community Forums under:

After investigation, we have found an issue where 450i or 450m radios would experience a stack dump and reboot when either of the following features is enabled, and packets to be filtered reach the radio:

  • IP Access Filtering
  • Ethernet Access Filtering (Ethernet Link disabled under General Settings)

In both cases, a filtered packet is what leads to the crash. This is not limited to 3 GHz radios, and may happen on all 450i and 450m hardware. The issue has already been fixed and will be available in the upcoming System Release 15.1.1.

  1. Radius SM Authentication Issues in 15.1 with 320 Certificates (including Wispatoolbox):

Customers have reported issues with SM authentication after upgrading to 15.1. We have determined this issue is caused if the RADIUS server uses 320 certificates or if Wispatoolbox is being used as RADIUS server (which uses 320 certificates as well).

One workaround for this issue is to update the 320 certificates on RADIUS server to Canopy certificates. If there are existing 320 radios in the network that are being authenticated using the same RADIUS server, then it is recommended that a second RADIUS server which uses newer certificates is installed. This works well since both RADIUS servers use the same database.   

An alternate workaround would be to ensure Freeradius and/or Wispatoolbox RADIUS send both the CA certificate and server certificate while initiating secure tunnel. To do this:

  • Open and edit eap.conf and uncomment the first line below:

     #CA_file = ${cadir}/ca.pem

     CA_file = ${cadir}/pmp320cacert.pem

     (If you don’t have this file, this can be downloaded from

  • Restart the RADIUS server.

Now SM’s will be able to authenticate successfully

  1. Link Test without bridging is reporting low throughput as compared to previous releases. (CPY-13625 and MUMIMO-2708)

This is purely a link test functionality issue. On 15.1, running a link test without bridging (RF Link Test) to a particular SM, may report lower throughput if there is traffic going through other SMs. This does not impact user traffic performance during normal operation. This issue will be fixed in System Release 15.1.1.

  1. Delay in SM user login after upgrading from 14.1.2 to 15.1 (CPY-13617)

This issue was reported on the forums under:

There is a delay of up to 60 seconds before the user is allowed to login to the GUI of the radio. This issue happens only if “SM User Authentication” is set to “Remote then local” and no RADIUS servers are configured for authentication. This is because in 15.1, three separate RADIUS servers are supported just for SM User Authentication and there is a delay in falling back to local login. We have root caused this issue and will be fixed in System Release 15.1.1.