System Release PTP 670-02-65 available for PTP 670

System Release 670-02-65 is available for download for PTP 670 systems. This release includes the following new features:

Link availability counters for ES, SES, UAS

PTP 670 now supports counters in the SNMP MIB for Errored Seconds (ES), Severely Errored Seconds (SES) and Unavailable Seconds (UAS). These provide standard performance management data used by many network management systems.

Immediate response to Blacklist and Whitelist updates

When Encryption Algorithm is set to TLS-RSA, the wireless link to a remote device is authorized by using the ODU’s Blacklist or Whitelist controls. In 670-02-65, the associated wireless link is automatically dropped if the MAC address of an already-connected ODU is added to the Blacklist or removed from the Whitelist, removing the need for a separate configuration step.

Security improvements

This release contains these security improvements:

  • The minimum password length set by selecting "best practice" is now eight characters, in line with NIST guidance.
  • The Key of Keys is locked after it is configured and can only be updated by first zeroizing the security configuration.
  • RADIUS controls are now hidden in the RADIUS web page when RADIUS is disabled.

 Bug fixes

Regulatory Band 92 was incorrectly removed in 670-02-60 and has been restored.

The Syslog Client trap now works.

RADIUS authorization now works correctly when the State attribute sent by the server is greater than 64 bytes. This was recently found to be a problem in systems using the Cisco ISE server.

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I was hopeful that  CnMaestro support would be in this release??? Any timeline for 670 /  650 for CnMaestro?

This release (02-65) was chiefly concerned with our project to revalidate PTP 700 for FIPS 140-2. Many of the changes made for FIPS 140-2 apply to PTP 670 and PTP 700 in the standard (non-FIPS) firmware. We also took advantage of the release to fix a couple of bugs.

We have been working on cnMaestro integration in parallel with the 02-65 release described here. I expect that the PTP release with cnMaestro support will be 670-02-67. 670-02-67 will be released later in 2018.