T1 emulation over Advantage APs

does anyone have experience transporting channelized t1s over canopy networks? Trying this for cellular backhaul and have had great success using standard canopy 10 and 20 meg units but thinking of pushing the envelop with point to multi-point units. Is this possible or am I just looking for a free lunch?

I don’t transport channelized T1’s exactly, but I can comment.

I have a Siemens PBX in a central location with a remote shelf (IP-based) about .75 miles away…perfect line of site. I am using the 5.2 10mb P2P solution which gives me about the equivalence of two T1’s. As that location was needing Internet I decide to put a 5.8 SM on the building for Internet only.

My gut feeling from watching these two circuits over the last several months.

The P2P is rock solid. If the circuit went down, my remote shelf would reboot and go into “survivability mode” and that ain’t fun especially during the day.

The P2M circuit behaves very erratically. It actually seems to go down for seconds now and again. Internet traffic can tolerate that, but voice traffic really does not like it.

I would probably never use an SM for anything more than a couple of voice channels. 200-300k or so. Mostly because of my experience with the P2P.

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