TCO total cost of ownership of a PTMP solution

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Guys, I need some fast info on Cambium. I had heard of the product but nothing about it until yesterday. I am new to the  WISP game. I am not new to RF. Cambium looks solid, I understand the jargon. However I would like to understand some fast facts on real world deployments in particular an easy use case. I would like a TCO over say 3 years to deploy and operate a cambium PTMP solution, I have zero pricing information at this time:

1. A PTMP (5 Ghz station 5725 to 5845Mhz) with 10 subscibers, 3 years total operating costs, software, licenses, complete hardware recommended solution.

2.  A PTMP (5 Ghz station 5725 to 5845Mhz) with 20 subscibers, 3 years total operating costs, software, licenses, complete hardware recommended solution.

You can pick any product you like that's worthy and makes sense. Lets say a data cap plan of 25Mb/s per sub. As for me I am looking at an opportunity for myself, weighing it up, looking at ARPU and ROI. Does it make sense and to do that I need a scalable solution with marginal incremental costs to add 1 more client. I see Mikrotik, I see UNBT as well, I can already see some limitations with the proposed offerings there but price is low, I just need to weigh up the extra CAPEX and understand the value of Cambium. I suspect with Mikrotik all going well (i.e) I have too many subs, I need to do a rip and replace or complete extra  additions, (without any spare spectrum most likely), after 12 months, don't want that.


for the price best is to contact closest Reseller or Distributor in your country.

Easy to check here 

You will need Base station with sector antenna and type of subscriber unit that with integrated antenna fits your customers based on distance, required antenna gain, speeds etc. 

For ePMP product line you can check subscriber options here 

For PMP450 platform you can check subscriber options here

LinkPlanner software for planning PTP/PTMP links and networks is available on the link below free of charge and very simple to use
You can also exercise capacity planner for your scenario 

Management software is free for use both in Cloud and On-Premises


No licences in management software and free software updates.

What is ARPU in your area?

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I know this is an old thread, but take into account the management aspect of it. As your business scales you need a management platform that can keep up.  You don't need folks cobbling together different systems. Something tightly integrated with the hardware is the way to go.

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