TCP acceleration solution by XipLink

has anyone ever used one of these systems with canopy?

We are having some bandwidth issues with our 900 radios, we have started testing the new 430 gear which looks like it will help us change some users but isn’t going to be enough, building more towers in the area isn’t an option, we already have towers just 3 miles apart and we have tried adding even more APs without any luck. so we are looking to do 1 of 2 options. hang coax or some other wired system and go that way (realllllllly don’t want to go that route) or find a method to shove more data through our current system. I’m a bit skeptical of these devices, but we need to make a move fast or we are going to start getting complaints or will need to stop taking customers on these panels. so I’m open to any input to alternative also.

our problem summed up, we have 15 900 APs that hit capacity every night of the week, we have gotten a few complaints but nothing bad about speed and lat. these Ap have between 30 and 70 SMs on each on, i’d say 50 for an average number. the 430 gear i think will get 5 to 10 SMs of each once we deploy more. and we are installing 15 to 20 more customers weekly, so this problem is just going to come right back, and before i go spend 80k on a few of these guys i’d like to know they are going to make a difference.

incase anyone wants a comparison between the 900 to the new 430 gear in foliage, if you get a 900 around 60db you’ll get the 430 with a 27rd about 80 is what we’ve been getting on average. so far running good but we will see once the leaves are out. i’d love any more input on the 430 performance if anyone else has some experience with it so far