TDM over IP

Any body using TDM over IP in Canopy network?

You bet - a LOT of it! We had been using some gear from Redux (Arranto, listed as a Motorola third party partner) but had some issues with it. Now we are using the RAD IPmux as well as the Vmux for several applications. After some tweaking they work quite well.


Sorry, but what is TDM !?



hmmm…Any idea about the cost? I need to carry couple of E1 to one of our local mobile operator to operate BTS…which product do you suggest?

For multiple T1/E1 connections, from my experience I would go with the IPmux-14.,6583,2612,00.html

We have a couple of these in service running across the 60 Mbps backhauls for T1 extension.


Thanks… gained enough confidence to move forward… 8)

Yeah, RAD makes good stuff.