TDM over PTP670

Hello everyone !!

I have a question, i want to send 4 E1 over PTP670 wireless link, but the question is:

There are 4 wireless links, A-B-C-D-E, the E1s will enter in the point A and will exit in the point E, i just need 2 NIDUs, one in point A and other in punto E, or i need NIDUS in each link? how many jumps can i to do?

Hi Javier,

The NIDU is a simple and effective solution to the basic task of delivering E1/T1 with low latency and very low wander over a TDD wireless link. It's not a general purpose TDM multiplexer, and can't be used to span more than one wireless link. You will need eight NIDUs in your example, with the E1 interfaces interconnected at the relay sites.

Please see How many NIDU's do I need? and PTP NIDU FAQ 

Come back to us if you still have questions after checking out these references.

Thanks, Mark