TDMoIP with Canopy


We installed a TDMoIP RAD network with PTP400 30 Mbps configured as TMD traffic, low latency, symmetric.

The TDMoIP gateway have the clock configured : Master site TDMoIP gateway is the clock reference, each remote TDMoIP gateway is using adaptive clock.

We have 1 master site and 6 remote sites. When we measure the phase deviation (TIE) at a remote site, we have those results :

If there is only one ptp400 between the master site and the remote site, we have virtually 0 phase deviation.

As soon as we have 2 ptp400, the phase deviation is around 300 ms for a 1KHz reference signal so around 108 degree phase deviation.

WE are using layer 2 switches between the links but we tested the switches by replacing the 2nd ptp400 by a cable and putting the 2nd switch at same location and no phase deviation. We are 99% sure the problem comes from the ptp400 30 mbps (although only one works fine) and we are trying to resolve this issue.

Anyone has built/encountered this problem before?

At the moment we are planning on installing external clocking GPS referenced at each remote site but that is really costly.

Thank you,