Tech support file - rejected by Cambium support?

Exported the tech support files for an AP and SM via cnMaestro for use in a Cambium support ticket.  The technician says these are not useful for PMP radios and an engineering.cgi is needed.  If that's the case, what's the point of having a tech support file export in PMP450 products in cnMaestro?

Hi Nelson,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.  The tech support for PMP from cnmaestro and the engineering.cgi both are same. From cnMaestro we just gzip the engineering file for compression .



Thank you for the update KR.  When does tech support ask for field_diags vs engineering file?  That way I make sure to upload the right one when opening the ticket.

Hi rnelson -- seems there was an issue with PMP technical support dumps that was fixed in the 16.2.1 release. The engineering.cgi should be available within the capture. Could the device software version have been the issue?

Ah ok that would be it then.   Thank you!!

Hi Rob,

We upgraded to the newest cnMaestro version, exported tech support file from the AP and SM, and Cambium support still rejected the format (xml and xsl).  I understand support wants an cgi file, but the tech support file export in cnMaestro is not exporting the correct file format or Cambium support should have a way to use the xml and xsl together for viewing.  Please reference Cambium ticket number #226789. 


What PMP450 release are you running?  Unless you are running 16.2.1 there may be issues with using the tech support files.


The AP is at 16.2.2.