Tech support

Can someone please share data about tehchnical support that you have. We have call center with 10 operators and I’m wandering if they do a good job. The data that I need is:

- Number of call per operator in one shift of 7,5 hours
- Average time of call
- Time spend on telephone per operator per one shift
- Percent of answered calls

Thank you.

Indeed, you might need to refer as well with somewhat like Call Center trend.

You must have a large system, we only have 800 customers and only get about 3 calls a week for help

I bet they are covering the whole country.

Call center planning depends greatly on a lot of factors. If you are doing your own installation, it’s highly doubtful that you’ll need support lines for your installers, strictly for customers, well, that is going to depend on network congestion, interferance, hardware failures…

We outsource installs, we have 3 levels of tech support, tier 1 and 2 accessable to customers, tier 3 manages the backbone and infrastructure. Tier 2 and 3 are for our installers, Tier 1 is more like customer service.

What you have got is probably fine for the time being, you just have to acknowledge that sometimes, they will have nothing to do, and if you have a service outtage, they won’t be able to work fast enough to answer all the calls!

We have several hundred people in our call center, and plans to double it next year, but we also have several hundred installation dealers, and will most likely break the 100,000 subscriber mark in a few months time.

Thanks for the info.

We have about 15k canopy subscribers, 20k total, 99% coverage of the population, 30% of the market. We outsource residential installations and maintenance.

Technical support is almost that same concept in your case. We have total of 20 people which are separated in three shifts. We have a 1000 calls a day. So one operator per 1000 customers, and sometimes the lines are busy.

So, to estimate a rough average need:

clueless: <1 person for 800 customers
erkan: 20 people for 20K customers
NomaM: hundreds people for 100K customers

Could be something like one full-time person every 1000 customers?