Template configure password on ePMP

I've checked the configuration of other ePMP and downloaded his configuration template, but i can't find any user or admin to change the password with template, is there any way to configure or change the admin / instal password

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Hi, you can create a template with:

	"device_props": {
		"cambiumSysAccountsTable": [
			"cambiumSysAccountsName":	"admin",
			"cambiumSysAccountsHash":	"$1$JpEQxNFb$NFwcumceRNEvv.0uFRQxq.",
			"cambiumSysAccountsUID":	"1000",
			"cambiumSysAccountsGID":	"4",
			"cambiumSysAccountsDir":	"\/tmp",
			"cambiumSysAccountsShell":	"\/usr\/bin\/clish"

it resets the admin password to admin, it worked for me.

To create the hash you can use the site https://www.functions-online.com/crypt.html. The salt in the template is $1$JpEQxNFb$, maybe it differs from firmware or cnMaestr version.


Thanks it works on CnMaestro 2.3.0.r18 ans sm ePMP 4.4.3.

Great, glad to know.