Template / product distinction


We are using GF180 and GF200 in our network.
I would like to correct the antenna gain.
Is there a way to do it with only one template ?



Hi Laurent,

Yes, it should be possible to configure multiple ePMP models using a single configuration template. Most configuration within a product line shares the same configuration file schema. i.e. ePMP, PMP, cnPilot Home.

The “Help” link at the bottom of the cnMaestro GUI includes a guide for using configuration templates.

Template File Creation

The typical process taken for creating your own configuration template text from scratch are below:

  1. On a test device configure the parameters you are interested in pushing to devices with values that will be easy to search for. This can be done directly on the device web UI .
  2. Export the device configuration. Via cnMaestro this is done by navigating to Configuration > Templates, selecting the device in the left-hand tree and then clicking the View Device Configuration link. This can also be done via the device web GUI, typically in the Administration or Operations section where there will be an Export button for configuration.
  3. View the configuration file in a text editor like Notepad++ and search for the values you entered in step 1. You can also search for the parameter name to try to find the correct lines.
  4. Copy and paste the relevant lines into a new file.
  5. Optionally Replace values with replacement variable text. This will allow you to set the value per device.
  6. Once you have this partial template it can be copied into the template creation text field and saved.

Since ePMP configuration is JSON-based I recommend using a validator when editing the configuration in step 3, like https://jsonlint.com/ to verify that the basic formatting remains correct. It will be simpler to delete unneeded configuration rather than copy/pasting single lines.

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Create several templates is not a problem.
A genius put all the equipement antenna gain to 40 dBi.
I need to change this field to the correct value :

  • GF 180 => 16 dBi
  • GF 200 => 24 dBi

When I want to apply the template to the GF 200, I will need to select manually one by one the 50 GF 200 in cnMaestro.
So I am looking for a way to filter by product model.
For example, the template will be executed only if the product model is corresponding to the one indicated in the template.

Thanks for clarifying.

Currently this ability is not available for device configuration. I found an existing ticket for this improvement and have contacted my colleagues on getting this into a future release.

The Inventory view does have the ability to filter based on model. The Model column can be added using the options button at the far right of the table. Exporting this filtered view may help the manual selection for this immediate issue.