Template to turn off CBRS

If you want to turn off CBRS on one or multiple sectors, you can use this sample config file template.

To add the template to your cnMaestro account, go to Configuration -> Templates and click Add template. Select PMP as Type and AP as Device mode. Add a name and select the config file. Click Save.

To apply the config file to one or more APs, go to the Manage -> Configuration tab. In the Template drop down menu, select the config file. Select the AP(s) you want to apply the config to, and then click on the Configure gear to the right. The template configuration is shown in a pop-up window, where two variables are available at the top: bandwidth and frequency. The bandwidth configuration accepts an integer value from 1 to 7, with the following mapping:

1: 5 MHz

2: 7 MHz

3: 10 MHz

4: 15 MHz

5: 20 MHz

6: 30 MHz

7: 40 MHz

The frequency is entered as a value in MHz. After configuring the bandwidth and frequency, click Save. Now click on “Apply Configuration to n devices(s)”, where n is the number of selected APs. The configuration file is now applied to the APs, and the APs are automatically rebooted.

Alternatively, if a small number of configurations is used, it is possible to create one template for each frequency-BW pair by hardcoding the variables into the provided template and saving it as described above, using a unique name. Each template is then loaded and applied to the selected APs that share the same frequency.

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