Templating against multiple types (450i/450 sms) to set all frequencies

Is there any way to template to enable all channels for scanning on an SM that’s a 450i or a 450…

The 450b can accept the full template of channels 5.1+ but if I try to use that same template for 450 it’s gonna fail because of the last of 5.1/5.2 …

I don’t see a way to push configs to all 450 or all 450b separately in cnMaestro, trying to see if theirs a way to accomplish this without writing a script to do it manually.

Will try to find a 450 that’s not critical to test on but could have sworn it fails to push if you try to push outside its supported channels

OK, you’re correct! It’s strange though because it says it completes successfully, but it doesn’t actually apply any of the channels.

My advice would be to do two rounds of updates. First round you push out to all SM’s contains the original 450 5GHz SM channel list. Then a second round of updates to all SM’s containing the 450b 5GHz SM channel list. By doing it in this order you should be able to update all of the SM’s.

The updates do not require a reboot, so you’re not at risk of losing any SM’s.

True, except if any of the 450b’s are on the non-450 channels I’ll be removing the 450b specific channel during that first update and knocking it off no?

I don’t understand what you’re saying. What do you mean by ‘on the non-450 channels’?

So for the first round… both 450 and 450b radios will get the original 450 channel list.

Second round… the original 450 will get skipped because the 450b channel list is too large. The 450b will get the full 450b channel list.

what I’m saying if I have a 450b on a 5.1 channel, when I push the 450 channels, it’ll get the 5.1 channels cleared because the 450 channels I’m pushing don’t include 5.1, the issue is while the 450 won’t accept the 450b channels, the 450b will accept the smaller channels from the 450… unless im missing something

Correct… first round will clear it… second round will repopulate it. Because there’s no reboots needed, you’re golden.

so just gotta be quick to make sure non of the 450b’s reboot before I can push the 450b channel plan (hopefully no power outages during the period lol)