Terrible web page interactivity over RDP


Has anyone tried confugring ePMP radios from a Windows RDP session? It loads so slowly that it is non-functional.

Absolutely terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

I optimized RDP sessions to the lowest bit-rate possible: http://www.informationweek.com/how-to-optimize-remote-desktop-in-windows-7/d/d-id/1099813?

I think cambium needs to re visit how the web pages are coded:


If I'm doing something wrong, I am open to suggestions.


Hey, we use Windows RDP for remote  ePMP AP and client management and haven't noticed any issues. We've even used the spectrum analyzer remotely as well!! A few things to check:

- What resolution are you running the RDP client in?

- What kind of bandwidth and latency are you seeing between your RDP client and the RDP server?

- What web browser are you using? I typically use Chrome and haven't seen any issues.

- Where is the Windows RDP server located in relation to the radios you're managing, and what is the latency and bandwidth between them?

Do the pages work just fine when you're at a console instead of RDP?  I wonder if RDP is even relevant to your problem.

On many devices (Atom CPUs, Android, etc) there are many reports of slow page renderings.  From what I gathered it's the end user device having to do lots of javascript (which really is terrible web design in this point in time).

Hello, thanks for the information.

Our RDP server is in the same network as the Cambium APs.  We log in to the RDP remotely from outside the network and have a bandwidth of 5 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps up. 

I am using FireFox as the brower. But, I will download Chrome right now and try it out.

The RDP session is using the "Modem 56k" experience so that we don't display too many GUI events.

Colors is set to "High Color 15-bit" the lowest setting we have.

Still, if I load the Cambium AP web pages, they refresh so slowly. I can see the shading colors refresh across the screen.  I really miss the days when the old Canopy firmware loaded super-fast because there were not any graphics which hindered performance.  I dont like the Ubiquiti pages either, but Cambium's load even slower.

Let me know what else I can try.

Opera seems to works best out of all browsers

This is in my case