Terrible WiFi performance after upgrading to 4.5-r7

After upgrading to 4.5-r7, we've had a huge number of complaints of terrible wifi performance.

Primary complaints:

2.4 range greatly diminished, by 10-15dBi when measuring RSSI using a utility like wifianalyzer

Lots of disconnects from wifi for Apple products  

DNS seems to stop forwarding through the WAN, giving the end user the feeling of "disconnects"

I've seen others say that factory defaulting and reprogramming the unit solves the issue, but if I'm rolling a truck to the site, I'm putting a reliable managed router at the location.

Who else is seeing this?

Hi ,
Please help us with few details , it will help us debug the issue . Please send it to my mail nileshkumar.singh@cambiumnetworks.com.
1. What router are you using ?
2. Which version were you running earlier ?
3. Steps, which you followed to run into this issue.
4. Configuration file of router .
5. For DNS issue , can we get wireshark capture ?
6. Screen capture of wireless , "basic" and "advance" tab.



Thank you for the response.

1) R201

2) Multiple different versions, oldest being 4.3.2, latest being 4.4.2

3) Upgraded to 4.5 r7 and waited for customer complaints to roll in.

4) Configuration is fairly simple, but there are some minor variables.  I can submit a backup later

5) I'll get one when I can.  Often times the interruptions are brief and random.  I'm presuming a DNS related issue, because ICMP traffic isn't dropping.
6)  Yes.

I can get these materials emamiled to you before the end of the week.

Thanks .I will try to repro it in local setup .

We are seeing the same thing at 5 Ghz.


I am seeing lots of issues with my R201 units and its getting to the point I am about to give up on these units. I have put about 5 units into production for testing and almost every customer on them has been complaining so I finally brought one home for myself and I am disappointed to say even I am seeing problems.

Here is the list...
1) Lots of issues with apple devices
2) Lots of reception complaints from various customers
3) Even in my house my 5 year old random AP works 40 feet and 2 rooms away on 5g while my connection to the R201 fails to transfer any data or even connect when I am there.
4) various reports of internet being unavailable on wired and wireless for brief periods of time with no pattern or issues on the network side

Lots of missing features too.. How is there no frequency control list? In Canada there are some low power channels you don't want to be using...

I have actually had to pull out a few R201s from business customers and drop in a r190 and switch them over to 2.4g just to get reliable service out to them.

I was very excited about the remote management options with this product but every customer with a R201 has reported a problem...

I cant be buying hundreds of these if customers are going to tell me the old router their last ISP gave them worked great while these new ones are nothing but problems...


Hi Derek,

We have been working on some of these issues in 4.5 from a while, and are in the process of releasing new 4.6 firmware shortly. In terms of some the problems you mentioned like client disconnections and throughput issues this new firmware should help. I cannot claim that all the problem are addressed however we have introduced a new wireless driver which has been proved to be free from some such issues.

If you so desire I can send you a test version, and since you have some of the problems readly reproducible you can check and confirm that this new firmware helps.  Please share you email to ashutosh.datta(at)cambiumnetworks.com if you please.





Thank you for the follow up, I can try this on my home router.

Email sent.


I have been seeing the same issue with some of my customers.  When will the new firmware be release to the public?  


Is there any news for the new firmware date?
We did an upgrade to many cnpilot R201Ps and the wifi seems to be going very badly. In many cases, customers are connected but are not browsing. As soon as I apply any change to the WiFi configuration, the customers start browsing but then they stop after a while.

We're having horrible issues with 4.5-r7 as well... customer complains of WiFi just stopping and requiring a power cycle of the cnPilot router to get it to work again. They have to do this every day or so.

Hi Eric,

We have the new firmware 4.6 in the final stages of release. Looking to have it available in a week.

We identified some issues in 4.5-R7 and they are addressed. 

In case you want to have a 4.6 firmware to check please unicast me 




@Eric Ozrelic wrote:

We're having horrible issues with 4.5-r7 as well... customer complains of WiFi just stopping and requiring a power cycle of the cnPilot router to get it to work again. They have to do this every day or so.

New firmware https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/r-series/