Test Uplink rate not very good

On our AP clusters with lots of customers (60+) we are getting the “Link Test with MIR” uplink rates of under 100 bps while our download is fine (1700000+ bps). The APs are set to 75% downlink, 1 control slot. The QoS on the APs is wide open and bandwidth at the moment is set to be controlled by the SM. The QoS on the SMs is set to:
Downlink Sustained Rate: 768
Uplink Sustained Rate: 256
Downlink Burst: 10000
Uplink Burst: 1000

Can anyone think of what to do in order to improve the uplink or if I’m doing something wrong?

Uplink generally means that the AP is seeing interference. Could be self interference, could be outside interference.

Confirm all AP’s have the same max range. Also shut down all AP’s and turn each into an SM one at a time. Do an AP scan to look for any other AP’s in the area.

Then so a spectrum analysis and benchmark the noise floor. It may have crept up in which case you may need to increase the gain at the customer end.

Could it still be interference even though the uplink efficiency is at 100%?

Didnt know that.

Try giving every AP 2 control slots. There may be too much contention.

Just tried it, didn’t help.

Try a little more on the burst, That is a little low

Link test with MIR set on both ends (AP and SMs?)

From my experience, the results from the MIR link test has never been overly accurate, especially with lite units - I just leave it off and speed test the SM on the internet.