Testing 8.2.2 beta firmware

I am testing 8.2.2 on some customer 5400 SMs configured with NAT+DHCP.
With the previous 8.2.1 I was having severe issues (crashes) twice a day especially on heavy users (P2P).
It’s now running for 10 hours.
So far, so good :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know…


Where can we get this software?

It is now the third day that I am running 8.2.2 (build 2) on three customer SMs.
All the SMs are 5.4 Ghz P9 configured with NAT + DHCP. The customers are heavy users and with the previous release (, 8.2 and 8.2.1) I was having frequent ethernet lockups and firmware crashes.

So far, so good.
I don’t see the well known issues, like “NiGetBuf(): Out of buffers” or DHCP loosing leases, or arp strange issues.

I suppose the release is still a beta. It was supplied by my local Moto distributor.
I will install it also on my P10 gears and let you know.


Well this sounds promissing we are having massive network problems as a result of this issue… Looking forward to hear from your test results.

manfredklassen wrote:
Looking forward to hear from your test results.

I am running 8.2.2 for about 10 days and I confirm that the previous issues don't happen anymore.
I tested on 5.4 AP & SM, both P9 and P10 boards, with same results.