testing 900Mhz AP and SM

I just received my 900Mhz AP and SM, I am waiting for the yagi antenna and the AP antenna to show up. My question is, can I effectively bench test my connections without the antennas, or do I need to wait until the antennas arrive. This is for an in office testing, not field testing. Also how far apart should I keep the two devices from eachother. I don't want to blow up anything :)  Thanks

It's never a good idea to run a radio without an antenna or some sort of attenuator attached to it if it's transmitting. That being said, if you have the right RF cable and/or adapters you could directly connect the AP to the SM (N to RP-SMA) and turn the TX power down on the AP as low as it will go, and you can bench test it that way.

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I guess, I will play it safe and wait until we receive the respective antennas. When we get them, what would be a good safe distance between SM and AP to do bench testing in this situation? Thanks

It's not so much about 'safe distance' but more about the TX power levels on the AP and SM. You'll want to turn down the power on the AP and SM so they're not screaming at each other. I would not exceed -50dBm.

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