The availability of the R Series RGs

Anybody else having a hard time getting their hands on R Series cnPilots (in Canada)?  We're told by several distributors that they no longuer have the R190W, R190V, and R201.  In many cases, we've received feedback that units are no longuer available, or possibly back in stock in 3-4 months...  What is going on?  What's the future for the R series?  I want to know if I need to start looking elsewhere for managed RGs, or find a new distributor? Perhaps someone from Cambium could comment, or anyone in the know?

I have forwarded this to our product team for some information.

Thanks Ray, And while this isn't on topic, we've also been indicated by our distributor that the Force 190 is no longuer available.  These changes are making this a slightly more challenging period, and it has us wondering where Cambium is going with respect to device roadmap.

Any update Ray? We've cleaned out our current distributor from R201 and R190W, late summer I'm told, are you aware if any specific distributors in Canada are stocking these? Thanks 

I will find out from our Product Manager