The best set of Configuration for AP to get the best coverage


I have this set of radio configuration in our access points:

The bandwidth is 20 MHz

The Tx is 27dBm

Antenna gain is 17 dBi

Subscriber Module Target Receive Level is - 70 dBm

Downlink/Uplink Ratio is flexible 

Downlink Max Rate MCs 15 64- QAM- 5/6

Management Traffic Rate MCS1

Synchronization is off

How many  Registrations Allowed  to be made in this access point.

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Hello Haitham

A good question, and of course, the performance also depends on foliage and obstructions. You may want to check out our free LINKPlanner software to get some details.


Your UL should perform better if you set your Subscriber Module Target Receive Level is - 60 dBm. It will also help to know with device type and antenna are you using.


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is this v3.3 60 dBm or pre- v3.3 60dBm?