The difference between the ePMP and the Nanobeams.

The difference between the ePMP and the Nanobeams. I have a customer that is asking why she should choose ePMP over the Nanobeams. What makes the epmp better than the nanobeams. I would appreciate the help on this question.



Ubiquiti flog their equipment via marketing hype and spin instead of tried and tested quality products.
Cambium sell quality products that work as advertised with little to no hype or marketing spin.

Thats the difference.

Up until a few weeks ago, I would have never considered Cambiums. We are a 100% UBNT network.
Nanobeams were to be the flagship of UBNT.
Here’s a few things not “publicized”. Nanobeams are not approved for DFS. They cannot go into the lower bands. I don’t know of a UBNT network that’s not operating in DFS, so they’re shooting themselves in the foot. They have stopped production of “Bridges” so, we’ll be forced to purchase a radio, that we cannot use. UBNT cannot support the throughput they claim. This is practical experience. APs radomly “shut down” for no known reason. UBNT has been aware of this issue for years and there’s no solution. There is NO working GPS unit, none of them, our number of RMAs has increased 10 fold this year. (We sent back, maybe 3 over the past three years… this year alone, we’ve sent back about 20. Their failure rate has increased, dramatically.) UBNT has started “shipping” product, prior to testing. (In my opinion.) They’ll ship radios and then release firmware updates to “fix” them.
Just read up on their forums about Titans.
Like I said, I’ve been an ardent supporter of UBNT and I’m buying ePMPs now.