The difference between the ePMP and the Nanobeams

The difference between the ePMP and the Nanobeams. I have a customer that is asking why she should choose ePMP over the Nanobeams. What makes the epmp better than the nanobeams. I would appreciate the help on this question.



Nano beam doesn’t have UNI II band support limiting them to the upper portion of the 5 GHZ spectrum.

the cambiums radios have better ESD resistance ( 1 joule) the ubnt radios have no direct ESD resistance rating by means of an amount of energy, they claim some high voltage resistance (I think 20kv) but with no measurement in quantity or time.

the Cambium radios share air time based on time not through put, with the nano beams, if you have multiple STA connected and one has a very weak signal, all end points will suffer much more than the cambium radios.

from my experience with both radios, the cambium gear performs better in noisy conditions especially with time sensitive data like VOIP.

GPS - cambiums most important advantage, you only need 2 channels to run 4 access points on the same tower with no negative effects on each other, also this translates to less noise to deal with and easier noise avoidance due to using less spectrum to provide higher overall bandwidth.

the Nano beam has lower latency except when it reaches its load potential, then latency can get very erratic like any 802.11 radio.

the cambium radios have built in shielding (helps with ESD and SNR) the beam is made of plastic (the older UBNT gear yellows quickly)

nano beams have gigabit ports on the 5 ghz versions and 100mpbs on the 2.4 ghz version. cambiums GPS models all have gig ports, STA have 100 mbps ports.

under perfect conditions the overall capacity of the different systems are the same, but add in a little noise and touch of load and the cambium system will deliver more consistent results.

from the company prospective cambium tends to deliver what they advertise, UBNT tends to advertise best possible case conditions.

cambium has a nice selection of tools and support to aid you in predicting performance.

nanobeam is a decent radio, but in most cases the EPMP radio perform equal to or better on a one to one stand point and denser networks the improvements GPS offers is a no brainer.

- Chris