The dramatic quality of PoE power supplies !?!?!

I have been working with Cambium for 2 years, but there has never been such a poor PoE power supply. For 2 months I had to replace 4 power supplies (hotspot version 30W / 56V or 15W / 56V.), not in the same place. What’s funny, both from the regional Cambium representative and the distributor from whom I buy most of the devices, I heard that the power supplies are not covered by the warranty?!?!?!

25 € for a power supply that breaks after a month and is not covered by the warranty?

Pity, maybe it’s better to buy power supplies from another supplier right away, since these are very expensive and without warranty?

Can anyone from Cambium respond to the warranty on poe power supplies?

Can anyone from Cambium deal with the deteriorating quality of these PoE power supplies?

From the beginning of my work with Cambium, the quality was at a high level, unfortunately now the power supplies have become the weakest link.

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did you raise this through our technical support team? If not please do as that gives it wide visibility. Thank you

I wonder if it could be the power coming to the power supplies?

Probably not, because next to the broken ones there were 2,3 or even 6 others. Nothing happened to any of them.
One that is characteristic is the smell of the capacitor in the damaged power supply

Caps don’t just blow on their own. Sounds like a surge of some sort i would get in touch with support so they can tell you the most likely cause. I have never had one smoke out of the thousands we have done. We have had ones just stop working but no smell and they were the 100 meg 1st generation ones after being in the field for quite some time. Maybe 10 total over the last 5 or 6 years…

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raising a support ticket is absolutely the best as we will get our Engineering team involved quickly.

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Please forgive me, but for a dozen or so service tickets in total, apart from RMA, none of them could be solved. I don’t use this channel anymore.
My goal is not to get this money back, but to answer the questions I asked.
Unfortunately, there is still no answer.

Tickets are always your best option. Escalate them here if you need to, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot by not using them.

We have thousands of power supplies out with no problems.