the ethernet link of BH isn;t up,What can I do?

I have a BH to connect a PC ,after powered,the power LED is light,and the SYN/1,SES/2,GPS/3 is glint by turns,but the LINK/5 isn’t light.
What is happen? How can I deal with it myself? For warranty in service is too slow.

Check the cable, the connectors, the speed and duplex settings of the module itself, and the speed and duplex settings of the ethernet card.

If it’s an older BH, it’s Ethernet port may not auto-sense MDI or MDI-X. If you’re using a crossover Ethernet cable, try a straight-though cable.

I try to change the cable,ethernet card, speed and duplex settings,the problem isn’t solved.

Did you insert a default plug to see if you are using the right IP address?