The maximum number of devices has been achieved. How many is that?

Received when attempting to approve a device in cnMaestro cloud today.  What is the maximum number of devices?  I don't have that many, just under 150.


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Same Here

Hello, could you please send your cambium id to

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Please try again and let us know if the problem persists.

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Whatever was done seems to have fixed the issue.


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Hi, I have the same problem buy have no more than 5 devices. Mi Cambium ID is BGH_TP


please could you retry now and let us know if the problem still persists.

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The problem was solved. Thanks!

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Hello, I have the same problem, where should i send my CAMBIUM ID.? 

Hi javierlincoln -- please try again.

It works now. Thanks a lot.

Hello, having this same issue with the cnMaestro Cloud Based (cloud.cambiumnetworks,com) Our Cambium Id is:


Why is this happening?

Please allow me sometime, I am checking.

Can you please try now, we have bumped the count.


I am having the same issue (Cambium ID 432INTERNET).  Can you please correct?


It is hard limit for our servers and we allow to onboard new devices in batch.

Please send me your cambiumID via PM so that we can enable for your account.