The maximum power of the transmitter for operation at frequencies of 4.9 GHz

Hi, team!

In many cities of post-Soviet countries the frequency range above 5 GHz are very busy and often inaccessible for use. However, the frequency of 4.9 GHz are absolutely free in these counties and could be used for deployment of broadband wireless  networks.

However, the output power of the transmitter of ePMP 1000 with GPS Sync has a limit of 15 dBm in the frequency range of 4.9 GHz but it is absolutely insufficient power for normal operation. The transmitter output power mustn’t be less than 23 dBm. Could you please realize this feature  in the future hardware release of ePMP with GPS Synchronized Radio.

For example, It could help our company alone  to deploy network in more than 18 cities of Kazakhstan (more than 1000 business subscribers)  

We have already discussed  this matter at Cambium Forums last year (see link below) . But until now there is no complete solution.


Leonid Pirgalin

Research and Development Department


Rebuplic of Kazakhstan