The maximum power of the transmitter

The maximum power of the transmitter for operation at frequencies of 4.9 GHz is only 15 dBm. Why?

Hi Leonid,

It is  hardware limitation of existing platform(mostly because of frotend filters). We will address this issues in upcoming products.



Hi Dmitry,
Could  You tell - when Cambium will be to upgrade ePMP 1000 with a power transmitter for a frequency of 4.9 GHz higher than 15 dBm ?
Best regards,
Leonid Pirgalin

If the frontend filters are burning some output power, they will also cause an offset of the input signals.
Can you provide this attenuation figure?

Hi Guilherme,

My bad, I checked and the reason we have lower power is attenuation in TX path, but not the filters themselfs. So there is no affect on receive path. 


We plan to support 4.9GHz with higher tx power n our upcoming products. Stay tuned.