The problem with PTP-650 bandwith


I have a ptp-650 link with lite license, in very low nois area with specification as below:

- link distance: about 1Km

- singnal strenght: -38dBm

- 26 dBi high performance dual polarization dish antenna

Our bandwith is very low, about 5Mbps. and modulation is fixed on bpsk and when i change it to other mode, after rebooting it return to bpsk again.

Please help meto fix it. How can i do to improve bandwith?


Hey Buddy.

Before we continue on this, I’m gonna need your Link Planner Planning Project on this, also I’m gonna need that you go to vector error on the main screen take a capture it of it and send me a PM, to proceed further, BTW you still have 59 Days to use the full license 450 Mb. That Link with that 1 Km seems really good for 445 Mb and more, I can tell you that. If you want you can share that info on private do not hesitate to contact me at whatsapp +593 98-896-8995

Best Regards.

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Thank you Kevin.

Problem is solved by set the appropriate modulation mode & disarm instalation agent.

Before that, we change the modulation without disarming, therefore it's return to bpsk.

Thanks alot for your attention