The suspense is over

I realize that the most exiciting and anticipated topics are usually a new product annoucement or a new feature announcement. Unfortunately, ePMP NOW is not that :)

The goal of ePMP NOW is to take our knowledge and training efforts to another level. We are kicking off a live Facebook streaming event every Wednesday at 10am CST for 30 minutes where ePMP engineers will talk about various topics about the product in a fun and interactive manner. While our standard webinar series will continue, we are looking to see if Facebook live events will create more excitement and make things more interactive. Think of it as a presentation with live whiteboard use, product GUI access etc all on camera with you as an audience.

Topics will be everything from how the BSA works on ePMP2000, to troubleshooting tput issues, to just general ask us anything type topics along with maybe application specific stuff.

As always, we will entertain new topics from the audience.

I am hoping for a lot more knowledge sharing with our customer base with this method.




That's awsome!

Darn, 2:30am in the morning for us Aussies.

Dont suppose 4:30pm CST would work LOL 

Can you make this post a sticky? I'm litterally on the forum here like every day, multiple times per day... and for some reason this is the first time I've seen this post.

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When does this start?

All this time I thought it might be a page in my honor, bwhahaha