Third Party Authentication


I would like to use a cnPilot as a front end for a third party authentication service, using a FreeRadius to authenicate against.

I have the first part working, where a mobile device connects to the AP and is redirected to our webserver.  I have successfully captured the return address, where we send the mobile devices back to the AP.

I cannot see how to pass the radius user name and password back to the AP, so that the user can be authenticated by the AP.  

Is there a document or article that describes the URL and parameters required to achieve this ?



Hi Dave,

Please find the attached configuration document for your reference.

If you need any further assistance please feel free to email me at

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Gupta Bobby


Thanks for the documentation, the access point part of the setup is okay.

I am struggling with the redirect back to the AP after I have updated the radius server.  Do I need to supply a password and username for the mobile device, so that the AP has some data to authenticate against ?




once user enters user name and password. it has to be posted back to ap. this will be work flow

1. WLAN is guest endabled 

2. guest accsses service is running on 3rd party server and on AP choose authentication mode as radius 

3. when user connects to SSID, AP will redirect user external guest access server which serves the login page

4. user will enter user name and password and press submit buttoon 

5. once user press submit button, client browser has to post user credentials to ap through post method (which is explained in the document link shared by gupta 

6. ap will authenicate user with external radius server and based on AAA response, guser will get internet access 

please refer the document ulr posted in the previous response to this query