Throughput issues with 3.2

Evening. I upgraded my epmp 1000 aps and sms and noticed a significant drop in throughput in my network and customers are noticing it on their end as well. Anyone else having this problems? Might go back to 3.1 tonight.

I would be really appreciate it if you could share more details regarding this issue.
What is the percentage of degradation you have seen in your network?

Thank you.

Some cases i see over 20 percent degradation. Overall 18.6 percent i went back to 3.1 and over all throughput has returned. My main connection is a 500 mbps fiber connection. With two 1000a fortigates in HA. I can pull all off 500 up and down when i plug into my gateway which is fine. Testing with my radio at home signal is -51 snr 49. Little to no interference i see 20 plus mbps on 3.1 on 3.2 it will go from 6-18 to 5. Etc.

we have experienced it as well. i read another poster that said 3.2 was first release having similar throughput as 2.6.1 so we tried it. Unfortunately a particular customer we tried it for links dropped from 18/5 to 5/2mbps. signal dropped 3-4 weaker as well

Spoke to cambium tech they are quick to reply and working on it. For now i dropped my network back to 3.1