Throughput issues


We are having issues with our customers not getting the speeds that we are setting them at. In summary, we are using the BAM to traffic shape the customers and have them set to 92K up and 192K down sustained with the no burst i.e. burst settings set to the same speeds.

Our backbone to the Internet is not maxed out and hence the bandwidth is available. However, our customers are getting download speeds of about 50-60K…this is consistent throughout as numerous customers are saying the same thing and we have a link in our office and getting the same issue.

I was told that the over the air rate means we lose about 30% throughput and hence we set everyone at 192K down expecting them to get around 128K which is what we are selling.

Any thoughts as to what we may be doing wrong ?



How do the link tests look?

Are you seeing re-reg’s? (Find this at the AP’s sessions page)

If you are using software scheduler look at the SM’s expanded status pages. Under there you will see uplink stats. The first or second field will be bandwidth request timeout. Is this value increasing? If it is then the AP needs more control slots for communicating with the sm’s. The default value is 3 and you can go all the way up to 16. You should try to increase these to reduce the number of bandwidth request timeouts.

This will reduce throughput but it will help the AP if it is overloaded.