throughput on 450i

hey guys, 

i have a SM 540i that according to the radio gets 93.00 mpbs aggregate. on my laptop in my home network, my speeds never go past 20meg. the QoS is set to 30,000 downlink data rate. according to this, i should be able to get 30 meg.what can i do to fix this? 

Hi Josh,

What is the SM capacity limit? Unlimited?

Can you run the Link Test with Bridginf and MIR? This will give the result with respect to the QOS settings.

Let us know the Modulation at the bottom of the result page (Eg : 8X/4X).


Sanjay Kumar.

Are you using a PTP450 product, or is your SM part of a PtMP network? The reason I ask is that you posted this question in the 'point to point' section of the forum.

hey guys, made a mistake. i need to ask this question in the PTMP forum..thanx!