Throughput on 6-9 Mile Links

Who do I chat with about the Force 110 links and the power settings? I have 6 and 9 miles links and can only get about 45Mb out of them on clean 20Mhz channels. To be honest, I had that with UBNT so I am not seeing the double in throughput like I had hoped.

Also looking for recommendations on bigger dishes.

Something doesn't sound right, especially if you're using a clean 20MHz channel. What MCS %'s are you seeing, and what is the signal level and SnR on each side of the link? Also, please make sure you're using the newest firmware, 2.3.4 on both sides.

Depending on the link, SNR can range from low 20's to lower 30's.  MCS, depending on link, can range from a terribel 4 to a good 15 at times.  Our best link, 9 miles out, only does about 52Mb.  Not impressive at all.

What are you guys using for the antenna gain on each end of your configuation.  I understand the TX power will max at certain levels depending on the RF


Lets take SNR out of the picture for a minute and talk about the output of your spectrum analyzer. What values do you see for your peak NF measurements? Subtract that from your RSSI and that is your actual CINR (Carrier to Interferer Noise Ratio) A CINR of 30dB or more will give you a solid MCS15. The SNR value displayed is a noise figure that does not take into account possible wifi interference but everything else.

My recommendations would be as follows -

Check spectrum analyzer and identify a channel that can get you close to MCS 15 (even if you can get CINR of 25 or greater it will be good)

Consider using something in the 5.1 band which ePMP supports and is a new band likely to be clean

If you are using a Force 110 on both ends, make sure alignment is proper. The beam width is quite narrow and alignment could be difficult. Yes, we also acknowledge that our alignment features are not optimum at this time but please go to the Monitor-->wireless page and watch the SNR/RSSI as you align.

Also, please use the maximum power possible under regulations.



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The channels we are using are clean.  The PTP MCS isn't consistent.  It can be a rock solid 15/15 for a while and then jump around like 15/4 15/6  11/4  etc.  Low channel, mid and high.  As this occurs the link quality's jump.  Usually 90's but rarely stays. 

Running 75/25. Is it better just to see as flexible?  The wireless link test from the slave side changes badly. 

This sounds like UL interference. Check the Monitor->Wireless page and look at the wireless retransmissions stats and the MCS spread on the UL. Based on what you said with the MCS jumping wildly on the UL, this could be intermittent interference at the AP. 

I would recommend two things here:

1. Run Spectrum Analyzer on the AP for a longer time (time it took for you to see the wild swings in MCS). 

2. Run Tools->eDetect to see if you are able to detect other 802.11 interferers. 

If you need further assistance, please contact our support engineers at so someone can work with you. 


are you using reflector dish , I have one project like that in South California but we had an issue with the LOS since the tree height till 60 ft... can you recommend your experiance and also the deployment photo.