Throughput on PMP450 SM v13.1.3

Hi there,

We have an Access Point with a single Subscriber Module set up and we’re only seeing approximately 20-25Mbps of aggregate throughput on these devices.

I’m thinking this is possibly a PPS issue on the Subscriber Module as the average packet size we’re seeing is 800 bytes. 800B8b4000pps=25Mbps.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?


Yep. Short story is that the packet throughput side has a few limitations. Allegedly it should be fixed in 13.3.3.

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I would encourage you to download R13.2 beta if possible.  We have made numerous improvements, including, as salad states above, improvements to the packet processing capabilities of the Subscriber Module, which will result in better throughputs to few SMs.

Beta software can be found here.