Throughput with 30MHz channel per 450 AP

Did anyone test throughput with 30MHz channel? What is the max throughput per AP?

Assuming ideal conditions, and you're using a 450i AP, you can see 200+mbps aggregate using a 30MHz channel width. With the original 450, you'll see less due to processing limitations.

In the last six months, we have been doing tests of PMP solutions from diferents vendors.
Regarding the PMP 450i, we test a 3.5 Ghz AP with 17dbi integrated antenna (C030045A002A) and 19 dbi, 23 dbm CPE (C035045C014A).  The AP was installed in a 30 meter tower, at 2km from the tower with  complete LOS.
The Results:

 AP                                   Channel width               Uplink              Downlink         RSSI                    

450i                                   30Mhz                           27 Mbs           140 Mbs          -53.5

450i                                    20mhz                          16.4Mbs            90Mbs          -53.5

Radwin JET 5000             20 Mhz                           45Mbs             25Mbs           -44

infinet*infinman 2x2        20 mhz                              63Mbs            95 mbs          -48

*The infiman was working in polling mode (or MINT) insteado of TDMA, when it was switched to TDMA the performance drop 40%


You can also now try 40 MHz channels using 15.1.  It would be great to see that added to your table!

One thing to also note would be the duty cycle of each of the products.  In the case of the 450, I am guessing that it's 75 or 80% Downlink, which is why the DL is so much heavier weight.  This is easily adjusted if you want more comparative numbers.

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