hey guys, i have a PTMP 450i on a customer's roof that shoots to a multipoint AP. according to the link capacity MIR with bridging, aggregate throughput should be around 85meg. i have the QOS on the radio set to 30,000 sustained downlink. yet, when i do a speed test, i am only getting around 14-15 meg down. any ideas on how the the user can see more throughput? at minimum, they should be seeing close to 30 meg down as that is how the QoS is set! thanx! 

Each SM has a maximum throughput, which you can see on the main gui after the bottom of the page under Key Features->Maximum Throughput.  I would bet you've got an SM limited to 15 Mbps.

Hey Ted,

this is  a 450i radio--what is the maximum for this radio? 

It depends on the license. If memory serves there are 5, 10, 15, and 20 Mbps versions along with an unlimited license.

The main GUI should tell you which license a given SM has.

hey guys, the radio at question has an UNLIMITED LICENSE. 

what moduation is radio in? 1x? 2x? 6x etc? is the ap seeing high frame utilization (statistics frame utilization)



modulation is at 8x/4x mimo-b with 33% QPSK, 33% 16-QAM, and 33% 64 QAM. i am 1.5 miles away from AP. 

Have you already ran a link test?

Tools => Link capacity test => Run test

What channel width are you using?

15 Mbps is about right for a 5 MHz channel running at 64 QAM MIMO-B.

hi everyone,

i am using the 30 mhz channel. radio is at 14.2.1 software. running 8x/6x MIMO-B modulation 100down/90 up efficiency. aggregate is 137 mg. when i run a speed test, i can't hit 20 meg. any ideas? 

You have any burst enabled on the radio - qos tab? Sustained uplink sustained downlink burst on both up/down and bucket sizes? Could you post radio tab qos tab?


burst is enabled. qos tab is attached. 

How many subscribers are connected to the AP? You could try disabling Hi Priority Channel.

On a side note not related to this issue - are you using a clip or a reflector dish? I'd recommend using a dish for any SMs further than 1 mi (or even closer) to keep the modulation up, and total AP throughput as high as possible.

i have about 15 SM's on this AP. ok, i just disable the hi priority channel on the SM--i'll check throughput when i get home tonight. 

 this sm is about 1.5 miles away from tower.


Can you please also run a link test with MIR/ bridging and share those results along with speedtest results. Do you have any mikrotik switches/routers in your network which could be limiting data rates?


Hmm.  I wonder what the Statistics->Frame Utilization stats say.  If the other SMs on the AP are using a lot of the available data slots, that will tell you.

hey dhaval,

i have a mikrotik router and a trendnet switch. the mikrotik has the latest firmware

see attached for the bridging with MIR

Have you enabled NAT on the SM?

i just enabled NAT; we'll see if that helps.