hey guys, i enabled NAT and that didn't see to help anything. any other ideas? 

I've asked if you had NAT Enable because PMP450s NAT reduces total throughput.

Wait until about 7 or 8 pm, and then look at the Statistics -> Frame Utilization tab.  What is it showing for your up and down percentage?

Can you also post a photo of your link status page on the AP, with any cust info blacked out?  I want to see what the signal strength and S/N on the CPEs is.  It only takes one heavy user on a low modulation to completely trash an AP's capacity.

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joshwehe did you solve the problem ?

Just wondering what frame size you are using? We had a similar issue when we tried using 5ms frames. We tried everything but some clients seemed to be stuck at about 15mbps downloads regardless of modulation rates, QoS setup etc. In the end changing back to 2.5ms frames resolved the problem.

To get 30 mbps from sm 450i need to be at least 6x(8x preferable), and most important, if you have other sm at 1x or 2x, they will ruin your ap. You will need most of them at 4x-6x minimum.